News 06/2024

 In General Conti News

Dear ContiLifeCycle Partners,

we are delighted to announce an update of ContiTread online presence


The new structured online portal will provide access to all important Technical Product Information.
About ours Pre-Cured Treads (PCT) and auxiliary materials for cold retreading.

In the Download Area are stored all Marketing Information about the products and the according technical documents, as 3PMSF certificates.

In the News Part we will inform regularly about various product-referred updates and issuing technical bulletin, whenever needed. You will also find a link to our ContiLifeCycle website. We would like to invite you to take a look at this content and follow the exiting story.

Last but not least we are looking forward to your feedback, questions, and suggestions which you can share via the Contact button.

Your password will still work for the Login Area. There you can still find the confidential documents.


The ContiLifeCycle gives new tires multiple lives.

Thank you