Ensure an excellent bond between casing and tread: feed your extruder with high-performance cushion gum made by Continental.

Engineered with strong tyre manufacturing know-how, Conti CushionGum C-01777 offers enhanced gum vulcanisation properties – for solid bonding of casing and tread. The cushion gum can be extruded reliably over a wide extrusion temperature range.

Thanks to its delayed onset of vulcanisation, it provides for low scorch sensitivity. It can be extruded to meet the requirements of a wide range of operations and has been proven to perform excellently with various makes of treads and casings.

Innovative technology

The material’s versatility allows for use throughout the entire retreading process with optimum curing time.

Harnessing Continental’s vast know-how in tyre manufacturing, the cushion gum’s chemical formulation has been adjusted to specifically meet the needs of retreaders’ production processes.

Provides thermal stability under a wide range of temperatures to ensure processing safety of unvulcanised rubber.

A stable polymer system ensures optimum tackiness and a flawlessly extruded surface

Proven performance

Test method

To measure the performance of the ContiCushionGum C-01777, we performed tread removal tests by tearing the tread with constant force in the opposite direction of the tyre rotation. They were carried out with different combinations of makes of treads and casings.

Test result

The excellent adhesive strength of ContiCushionGum C-01777 was verified: While the strong forces, applied to the tyre, damaged the belt packages of the casings, the bond between tread and casing remained intact in all tread/casing combinations tested.

Handling and storage

Processing conditions:

Vulcanisation setup at 99°C–115°C

Article number:

17080500000 (CushionGum Stripes, 7x70mm)

Shelf life:

5 months (storage over 25°C will reduce shelf life)


220kg box

A complimentary thermocouple measurement service will be provided upon first order.
Every unit of ContiCushionGum comes with an inspection certificate.